Activities for Ontario Grade 6 Science Curriculum (2022)

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6.B Life Systems – Biodiversity

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Biodiversity: What Do You Think?

B2. Exploring and Understanding Concepts

B2.2 demonstrate an understanding of biodiversity as the diversity of life on Earth, including the diversity of organisms within species, among species in a community, and among communities and the habitats that support them
B2.3 describe ways in which biodiversity within species is essential for their survival
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• Lesson 06 – Biodiversity

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B2.4 describe ways in which biodiversity within and among communities is essential for maintaining the resilience of these communities
B2.5 describe interrelationships within species, between species, and between species and their natural environment, and explain how these interrelationships sustain biodiversity
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• Lesson 07 – Species Interactions

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Species Interactions

B2.6 explain how invasive species reduce biodiversity in local environments
B2.7 explain how climate change contributes to a loss of biodiversity, and describe the impact of this loss
B2.8 describe the importance of biodiversity in supporting agriculture, including Indigenous agriculture around the world

6.C Matter and Energy – Electrical Phenomena, Energy, and Devices

C1.2 assess choices that reduce personal use of electrical energy from both renewable and non-renewable sources, and advocate for the responsible use of electrical energy by the school community

C2. Exploring and Understanding Concepts

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• Experiment: Electric Cereal

C2.2 describe current electricity, and compare and contrast current electricity with static electricity
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• Lesson 02 – Current and Static Electricity

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• Current and Static Electricity

C2.3 identify materials that are good conductors of electric current and materials that are good insulators
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• Lesson 04 – Conductors and Insulators

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• Conductors and Insulators

C2.4 describe how technologies transform various forms of energy into electrical energy
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• Lesson 07 – Transforming Energy

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• Transforming Energy

C2.5 describe ways in which electrical energy is transformed into other forms of energy
C2.6 explain the functions of the components of a simple electrical circuit
C2.7 distinguish between series and parallel circuits, and identify common uses of each type of circuit
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• Lesson 08 – All About Electrical Circuits

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• All About Electrical Circuits

6.D Structures and Mechanisms – Flight

D2. Exploring and Understanding Concepts

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• Lesson 01 – All About Air

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All About Air

D2.2 describe the relationships between the four forces of flight – lift, weight, thrust, and drag – that make flight possible
D2.3 describe ways in which flying machines and various organisms use balanced and unbalanced forces to control their flight
D2.4 describe ways in which the four forces of flight can be altered
D2.5 describe characteristics and adaptations that enable organisms to fly

6.E Earth and Space Systems – Space

E1.2 assess the role of space exploration technology in observing and understanding environmental changes on Earth, including climate change
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• Lesson 08 – The Hubble Space Telescope

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• Eye in the Sky

E1.3 evaluate the social and environmental impacts of space exploration, while taking various perspectives into consideration
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• Lesson 14 – Animals in Space—Fair or Not?

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• Animals in Space-Fair or Not?

E2. Exploring and Understanding Concepts

E2.2 distinguish between the concepts of mass and weight
E2.3 describe the relationship between the force of gravity and the weight of a body
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• Experiment: Mass of Meteorites

E2.4 identify the types of bodies in space that emit light and those that reflect light
E2.5 describe various effects of the relative positions and motions of Earth, the Moon, and the Sun
E2.6 identify various technologies used in space exploration, and describe how technological innovations have contributed to our understanding of space