Lesson 09 – Life Without Electricity

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Read About Life Without Electricity


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

Coal is a black or dark brown substance produced underground from long dead plants; coal can be burned as fuel or burned to produce electricity.

A compartment is a space that is divided off or separated from the rest of a specific area.

Fuel is a material such as wood, coal, gas, or oil that is burned to produce heat or power.

An icebox is an insulated box or cabinet with a separate space for ice that was used to keep food cool.

Kerosene is a thin oil that was burned in lamps to provide light, and burned as fuel for heating and cooking.

A washboard is a wooden frame that held a wavy surface that was used to wash clothing; a washboard was put into a tub of soapy water and the clothes were rubbed across the wavy surface until they were clean.

Life Without Electricity

If you could travel back in time, you would find that life was very different.

To learn more about life without electricity, watch the video by Trajnostna energija on Youtube.

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