Topic – Using Electricity

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Read the Following Selection

Read about electricity, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Using Electricity

Electricity is a form of energy that we use in many ways every day. You probably use electricity much more than you realize. Look at the pictures. Think about which things use electricity.

Electricity provides the energy that makes devices work. Some devices get electricity from batteries. Other devices get electricity from a wall outlet. You plug the device into the outlet and electricity travels into the device through the wire.

Where Does Electricity Come From?

Electricity is produced in a power plant by machines called generators. The generators are powered by a fuel such as coal or natural gas. Generators can also be powered by wind or water.

The electricity produced by the power plant travels over wires called transmission lines. Some of these transmission lines are attached to tall metal towers, and others are attached to poles along streets. In many places, electrical wires are buried underground. The wires provide electricity to homes, schools, factories, and other buildings.

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