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Lesson 07 – Transforming Energy

Read About Transforming Energy


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


Blades are the flat parts of turbine or propeller that rotate when wind or moving water push against them.


A blender is a device with rotating metal blades that chop up food into small pieces and mix foods together.


Electricity is a form of energy that has positive and negative forms that occur naturally (such as in lightning) or can be produced (such as in a generator) and is the result of electrons moving and interacting together.


Energy is the ability or power to do work.


Motion means movement.

Transforming Energy

Energy exists in different forms. Electricity is one type of energy. Heat, light, and sound are also forms of energy. Motion is another form of energy.

You can change one form of energy into another. In fact, you do this every day. You turn motion into heat when you rub your hands together. A light bulb turns electricity into light. A wall clock turns electrical energy into the motion of the hands.

Some devices give more forms of energy than we want. A blender makes motion (the blades turn), sound energy (noise), and heat (the motor warms up). Sound and heat energy do not help the blender accomplish the task of blending food.

To learn more about energy transformations, watch the video by AboodyTV on Youtube.

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