Topic – Aircraft with Motors

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Aircraft with Motors

Amphibious Aircraft

Aircraft that can land and take off either on land or water are amphibious. Some have skis so they can also land on snow or ice. Amphibious aircraft are especially useful in remote areas where they can land on runways, lakes, or rivers.


Helicopters get lift and thrust from the propellers—a rotor on the top. This rotor allows helicopters to take off and land vertically. It also lets the helicopter hover, and fly forward, backward, and sideways. Helicopters are often used in areas where there is no room for an airplane runway.

Stealth Planes

Stealth aircraft are military aircraft. These planes use advanced technology to avoid being detected by radar. Stealth planes have features that interfere with radar. These features make the plane difficult to see, hear, or detect with hi-tech equipment. However, these aircraft can be detected when they use their weapons. Stealth planes can have human pilots. They can also be flown by remote control.

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