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We are a provider of Canadian Curriculum books, workbooks, eBooks and more for parents, teachers and educators. Chalkboard educational resources are designed to be used anywhere learning happens – for homeschooling, supplementary education, classroom teaching, and distance learning.

At Chalkboard, our goal is to take the mystery out of learning for parents and teachers while creating fun, engaging educational content for kids from Pre-K to Grade 6. All our resources have been thoughtfully designed to make it easy to learn fundamental skills that will help children thrive and become lifelong learners.

We offer materials in a variety of platforms for your convenience. Click below to learn more about each of our offerings:

Chalkboard eBooks:
Purchase individual Canadian curriculum eBooks from our online Store in English and French.

Chalkboard Teach: Unlimited educational resources available through a monthly membership. Start with a 7-day free trial and see for yourself why so many parents and teachers love Chalkboard Teach!

Chalkboard Learn at Home: Online resources for parents to simplify home learning and ensure children learn fundamental skills for success.

Chalkboard Teach Canadian Curriculum

With a monthly membership to Chalkboard Teach, Canadian teachers enjoy an ever-growing, super-easy-to-use resource library designed for smoother online learning that follows the Canadian curriculum.

Differentiated Content

Quickly locate resources to scale any assignment up or down as you help students review, catch up, or get ahead.

Perfect for Google Classroom

Easily find and share resources with your entire class or just one student in seconds.

High-Quality Canadian Curriculum Resources

All content is produced by professional educators and widely trusted by teachers across Canada for teaching math, reading, writing, spelling, STEM, French, art, social studies, and much more!

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With Chalkboard Learn @ Home modules, parents get 12 weeks of straightforward, day-by-day Candian homeschool curriculum lesson plans that can supplement distance learning assignments or work as a standalone homeschooling curriculum.

Daily Lesson Plans

Know exactly what to assign your child each day with no preparation required. All content follows the Canadian curriculum, so you know your child is on the right path!

Canadian Curriculum Content

Get 12 weeks of high-quality lessons in Language, Math, or Social Studies/Science for Kindergarten through Grade 6.

Print or Tap Resources

Use any of our resources online or print-and-go when you need a break from screens.

What Parents and Teachers Are Saying about our Canadian Curriculum Content

Distance learning takes a village, and we’re proud to be part of that village for schools and families across Canada.

Michele LGrade 1/2 Teacher

I love Chalkboard. I have found it to be very useful and helpful. I love the Canadian based curriculum and the fact that the Grade's of the workbooks are not on the worksheets. This is especially useful for different leveled learners. I will continue to use chalkboard throughout this year to assist me with my split class. Thank you Chalkboard!!

Sharmistha DParent

I am using Chalkboard for my daughter. She is currently in Grade 2. Chalkboard has books for every subject in Grade 2 which I found very useful for practicing at home.

Connie RTeacher

It pertains to the Ontario curriculum very well and is very easy to use. The children love and enjoy using Chalkboard. Last year, when I'm teaching ESL, it helped me a lot because there is a variety of choices for different grade levels and it is all been prepared and arranged for you.

Ian MIntermediate Teacher

Chalkboard Publishing, their website and resources are perfect! It is all Canadian content, very logically organized, scaffolded and easily understood! If you are a teacher that teaches multiple grades and/or subjects this is the perfect resource! The website is convenient and user-friendly! I will be using this teaching resource until I retire!

Radhika BParent

Chalkboard has been a great source of providing relevant Canadian Curriculum for my son who in French Immersion. It was especially of great help to me to further help my son study at home, since I could access the English and French version of the Workbooks simultaneously!

Sharmistha DParent

"I am using Chalkboard for my daughter. She is currently in Grade 2. Chalkboard has books for every subject in Grade 2 which I found very useful for practicing at home."

Lisa HTeacher

"I love Chalkboard Publishing! They have great Canadian content that is well scaffolded and easy to explain. My students especially love their math riddle pages, and will race each other to see who can solve the riddle first! I’ve used their products in my classroom for a couple of years now, but when the pandemic started this year I was beyond grateful to have access to their amazing database of resources. Their well organized database made it so easy to teach online – all I had to do was log in, search up the topic I wanted to teach, and download the worksheets! I can’t imagine how stressful it would have been if I’d had to create everything from scratch. Thank you Chalkboard Publishing for your awesome resources!"

Anita LTeacher

"An excellent website with several categories aligned with the Ontario Curriculum. The worksheets, PDFs and digital resources are student-friendly and engaging. The Chalkboard website is easy to navigate; it’s awesome to be able to add a Chalkboard worksheet to Google Classroom! I love using the Canadian Daily Math for review during in class and on-line learning! I have really enjoyed the database of worksheets to meet the needs of my IEP students. Thanks for covering so much Canadian content on your site!"

Brian WTeacher

"I love that Chalkboard Teach has every subject matter, so I don’t have to go looking to find what I need. It's quick and easy to use and it's Canadian!"

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Chalkboard Teach for teachers and Learn from Home for parents are the most cost-effective ways to access all of our materials. But we also offer convenient, subject-specific workbooks that have sold over 1 million copies! Browse our online store for simple, effective ebooks that teach math, reading, writing, spelling, STEM, french, art, social studies, and much more! Easily download a book to any device, then print or project materials as needed.


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Our Top Selling Kindergarten Curriculum to Grade 6 Curriculum eBooks

MathReading SkillsWritingSpellingSTEMFrenchArtSocial StudiesAssessments and Much More!

  • Canadian 10 Minute Daily Math Grade 3 – eBook

  • Canadian 10 Minute Daily Math Grade 2 – eBook

  • Canadian 10 Minute Daily Math Grade 1 – eBook

  • Canadian 10 Minute Daily Math Grade 4 – eBook

  • Canadian 10 Minute Daily Math Grade 5 – eBook

  • Canadian Skills Success Multiplication – eBook

  • Canadian Skills Success Division – eBook

  • Canadian 10 Minute Daily Math Grade 6 – eBook


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No teacher or parent should carry the burden of at-home education on their own. We’re here to support you, so you can help kids reach their full potential without all the frustration or prep time. Join Chalkboard Teach or Learn at Home today for extremely easy access to high-quality learning materials that make your job a little bit easier. You deserve it!