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Relief for K-6 Teachers & Parents!

Instantly access thousands of worksheets, workbooks, and activities on all your devices.
All you have to do is print and teach!

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Easy To Use

Ridiculously Easy To Use

Instantly access thousands of worksheets, workbooks and activities on all of your devices. All you have to do is print and teach.


Supercharge Your Student’s Learning

Accelerate learning and understanding in your classroom or at home with 100% Canadian learning resources designed for K-6 children.

Everything You
Need In One Place

Everything You Need In One Place

High-quality learning resources for every subject, how-to’s, teaching tips, graphic organizers, and student success criteria all included.

Variety Of Subjects
Canadian Curriculum
Clear Instruction
Fun To Do
Works On All Devices

Comprehensive Subjects And Topics

Covers core, foundational and supplementary K-6 subjects taught in most Canadian classrooms.

  • Daily Math - all 5 strands
  • Reading Comprehension
  • STEM Activities
  • Social Studies
  • Grammar Practice
  • Draw + Write Activities
  • Visual Arts + Seasonal Activities
  • And so much more!

Access our massive digital library of educational materials! Choose from 1000's of engaging exercises and worksheets to strengthen essential skills.

Comprehensive Subjects And Topics

Every Student Can Discover Their Love Of Learning

With effective teaching tools, all students are able to reach their full potential.

  • Designed for children at every comprehension level while encouraging children to work independently and at their own pace
  • Resources are easy for students to understand and ready for teachers to implement
  • There’s something for everyone! Versatile and unique, resources reach all styles of learning
  • Provides a consistent, clear approach of how to teach what your students need to learn
Resources At Your Fingertips

100% Canadian Resources

Resources made for Canadian classrooms!

  • Content is written and frequently updated to meet Canadian curriculum standards
  • Uses Canadian spelling and grammar
  • Also includes French Canadian resources
Canadian Spelling, Grammar & Content

Supports Independent Learning

With clear instruction, students are given the skill and know-how to work independently and confidently.

  • Detailed task instruction
  • Quizzes to measure success
  • Success criteria & rubrics to support students
  • Interactive notebook templates
Supports Independent Learning

Motivate Students With Engaging Activities

With reading passages and hands-on, interactive activities, students are able to explore topics, practice skills, and learn better while building curiosity!

  • STEM related experiments
  • Fun reading, writing and comprehension exercises that stimulate confident learning
  • Captures students interest while inspiring a genuine motivation to learn and succeed
  • Stimulating arts and crafts activities
Creative and Entertaining Designs

Works Across All Of Your Devices

Library of content can be accessed on all iOS, Android and Windows devices whenever, wherever.

>Works Across All Of Your Devices

No Wifi? No worries! All materials can be viewed offline.

>Works Across All Of Your Devices

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Give students the tools they need to become stronger, happier, more confident learners today!

Why Canadian Teachers & Parents Love Chalkboard

“I LOVE using the Daily Math series with my students. It's incredible how much they learn and remember when it's done consistently throughout the year. When we get to the bigger units, I find my kids have a great base of background knowledge thanks to these activities. Thanks!”


Grade 4 Teacher

“We're currently using the Daily STEM activities at home and it sure takes the work out of it for all of us homeschooling moms who need to find these kinds of great resources.”

British Columbia

Grade 3 Homeschool Teacher

“Very convenient! So many activities and materials to choose from, there's something for each and every one of your classes.”


Grade 2 Teacher

“The quality of the material is impressive. Content is based on the current Canadian curriculum which makes it easy when it comes to lesson planning.”


Grade 3 Teacher

“I love using these worksheets as a skills review. It’s important that I know which topics and concepts students have mastered and which ones may need a little more attention.”


Grade 5 Teacher

“Chalkboard is one of the most effective ways to connect new material to material that I’ve already covered. My students never feel behind or confused.”


Grade 6 Teacher

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Demetra Turnbull, MEd
Founder and CEO of Chalkboard Publishing
Parent and Teacher

About Us

Backed by years of experience, Demetra Turnbull found that children learn best when they feel empowered and confident in their ability to succeed.

As a teacher, Demetra knew that it was integral that resources be clear, practical, and easy-to-use. As a parent, she knew that those same resources also had to be stimulating, rewarding and convenient. Thus, the goal became to produce materials that fundamentally change the way students engage with their education while improving levels of proficiency and achievement. The skills developed through Chalkboard inspire a genuine love of learning through improved self-confidence and subject understanding. As teachers, we know how important it is that our resources be clear, practical, easy-to-use, entertaining, rewarding, and convenient.

Chalkboard gives all children a chance to grow, succeed, and surpass all expectation.