Accelerate Learning

Our educational materials generate excitement, increase motivation and inspire students to excel in every facet of their learning and future endeavors.

All you have to do is print and teach!


Accelerate Learning

Save time and money with our online learning library! Instantly access thousands of engaging educational materials for grades K-6. All you have to do is print and teach!


Join Chalkboard Publishing and Get Unlimited Access to 100+ Canadian Educational Workbooks!

Join Chalkboard Publishing and Get Unlimited Access to 100+ Canadian Educational Workbooks!

Instantly print or project ready-to-go lesson plans, worksheets, and printable activities on all your devices. Promote mastery of key skills and topics taught from kindergarten to grade 6.

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Support children’s educational growth with a membership to our online learning library. Differentiate instruction based on individual learning styles and education levels. Access all workbooks, lessons, printables, and activities we’ve ever published!

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Trusted Canadian Content

Our Canadian-curriculum learning resources are 100% Canadian made for Canadian kids!

We strive to produce practical, engaging learning resources aligned with current curriculum standards, educational trends, and best teaching practices. Our mission is to help children:

Cultivate confidence in their abilities

Achieve educational goals

Feel a sense of accomplishment


Canadian Subjects for Canadian Kids

Our educational materials build, reinforce, and develop key concepts and foundational skills with repeated, targeted practice. Find easy-to-implement lessons and activities for most K-6 subjects including math, language arts, STEM, social studies, geography, health, and visual arts.

Canadian-focused content such as:

Canadian Teachers
Love Chalkboard!

1000+ Lessons, Activities, and Worksheets at Your Fingertips

A membership to our comprehensive online learning library gives you instant and unlimited access to thousands of K-6 resources any time, anywhere.

Save Valuable Time When Preparing for Class

Our practical, ready-to-go materials will reduce the amount of your free time spent preparing for class. Just print or project what you need, when you need it!

Provide Differentiated Instruction

Easily meet the diverse needs of every student with stimulating lessons and printables that cater to individual learning styles and education levels.

Eco-Friendly Resources

Minimize paper usage with our online learning library when you print only what’s needed or by projecting lessons and worksheets onto a smartboard.

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Accelerate Your
Child’s Learning!

Build Positive Study Habits

Implement with your child a consistent school work routine. Choose activities based on your child’s needs and interests and watch them take ownership of their learning!

Boost Confidence & Sense of Accomplishment

As your child achieves educational goals they will become increasingly confident in their abilities. Communicate interest and enthusiasm for what your child is working on.

Ridiculously Easy to Use

Our clear and well-organized materials eliminate guesswork and provide everything you need as a parent to support your child’s educational development.

Save Money & Guesswork on
Education Materials

Eliminate the need to purchase other resources. Our online learning library provides educational activities that will help your child catch up, review, or get ahead.

Online Learning Library

Search & Sort Friendly

Search and explore our online learning library of 100+ Canadian educational workbooks for subjects and topics of interest to you.

Interactive & Hands-On

Draw attention to important facts and figures with our interactive highlighting tool.

Downloadable & Printable

Choose from thousands of engaging lessons, exercises, and worksheets. All you have to do is print and teach!

Compatible With All Devices

View our library of content on all screen sizes and devices (iOS, Android, Windows, etc).


Michele LGrade 1/2 Teacher

I love Chalkboard. I have found it to be very useful and helpful. I love the Canadian based curriculum and the fact that the Grade's of the workbooks are not on the worksheets. This is especially useful for different leveled learners. I will continue to use chalkboard throughout this year to assist me with my split class. Thank you Chalkboard!!

Sharmistha DParent

I am using Chalkboard for my daughter. She is currently in Grade 2. Chalkboard has books for every subject in Grade 2 which I found very useful for practicing at home.

Connie RTeacher

It pertains to the Ontario curriculum very well and is very easy to use. The children love and enjoy using Chalkboard. Last year, when I'm teaching ESL, it helped me a lot because there is a variety of choices for different grade levels and it is all been prepared and arranged for you.

Ian MIntermediate Teacher

Chalkboard Publishing, their website and resources are perfect! It is all Canadian content, very logically organized, scaffolded and easily understood! If you are a teacher that teaches multiple grades and/or subjects this is the perfect resource! The website is convenient and user-friendly! I will be using this teaching resource until I retire!

Radhika BParent

Chalkboard has been a great source of providing relevant Canadian Curriculum for my son who in French Immersion. It was especially of great help to me to further help my son study at home, since I could access the English and French version of the Workbooks simultaneously!

Chalkboard Founder

Demetra Turnbull

As a teacher, Demetra knew that it was integral that resources be clear, practical, and easy-to-use. As a parent, she knew that those same resources also had to be stimulating, rewarding and convenient. Thus, the goal became to produce materials that fundamentally change the way students engage with their education while improving levels of proficiency and achievement.

The skills developed through Chalkboard inspire a genuine love of learning through improved self-confidence and subject understanding. Chalkboard is a renowned and trusted educational resource that gives all children a chance to grow, succeed, and surpass expectations.

“When the right tools are integrated, your child’s educational development will blossom.”

Helping Children Reach Their Potential Has Never Been Easier!

With access to thousands of high-quality resources for children in grades K-6, you will accelerate their learning and understanding at home and in the classroom.


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Do you have any questions?
We offer customer support
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