Why Chalkboard?

The introduction of Chalkboard into the everyday routine of students will deliver the tools for higher achievement while inspiring a desire to succeed, grow and persevere in all areas of life. How?
Critical Thinking

Encourages a focused, careful analysis of a task or subject for better comprehension. View task as a process rather something to be simply memorized.

Creative Thinking

Inspires broad and adventurous thinking while learning to strategically plan and problem solve independently.

Independent Work

Supports students as they take responsibility for their education while encouraging a desire to continually learn and master new skills.


Improves and strengthens lifelong reading, writing, comprehension and listening skills which lead to greater self-confidence.

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Our e-books are perfect for both at home and on-the-go learning. Enrich your child's confidence, proficiency and learning experience through our interactive and stimulating e-books.


Improve readiness skills or reinforce curriculum based lessons efficiently and effectively with Chalkboard’s convenient, approachable and highly educational workbooks.

Learning Center

Supporting parents and teachers as they encourage happy, confident and successful children through informative how-to videos, tips and tricks and a wonderful blog.

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Printables & Downloads

Perfect for both the classroom, at home or for on-the-go, Chalkboard’s printable + downloadable worksheets give kids an approachable challenge, encouraging them to complete tasks on their own.


Chalkboard Materials

Are curriculum based with step-by-step activities to practice and improve skills

Will improve children’s confidence through better understanding and accomplishment

Are strategically written and produced by educational professionals

Are fun, enjoyable, easy-to-use and rewarding

Have clear instructions that encourage children to work independently

Chalkboard Materials

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