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It works! Kids love it! And all of our resources align with the Common Core Curriculum across each State! The big reason why? Chalkboard was built from the ground up by a teacher and parent who understood firsthand what kids need to learn at their best in the classroom and at home

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Why Chalkboard?

Over 1 Million Books Sold!

You might’ve seen our workbooks in Walmart, Staples and other major retailers, but we have also sold a million copies to educators across North America who trust our tools to help their students review, catch up and get ahead!

Developed by Professionals.

Trusted and Used by Teachers.

Our content is produced by teachers, professional educators, and even an award-winning children’s book author! You can trust that our resources aren’t just busy work.

The Powerful Benefits of Printable Workbooks!

As digital technology continues to play a significant role in our lives, it’s easy to assume that electronic devices are the best way for kids to learn. However, research suggests that when it comes to mastering foundational skills like math and English, physical workbooks can be more beneficial.

Here are the top 5 benefits from working with Chalkboards printed worksheets and workbooks:

  • 1) Improved Retention and Recall
  • 2) Fewer Distractions
  • 3) More Control of the Learning Environment
  • 4) Improved Fine Motor Skills
  • 5) Enhanced Problem Solving Skills

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