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Learning at Home

We’ve created FREE resources for Canadian parents and children with 10 days of reading, videos, activities and outdoor adventures! Our grade-specific programs have been hand-crafted by Canadian teachers to keep your children excited, engaged and motivated to learn.

Wishing you a safe and healthy learning experience!

Free Digital Lessons

Grade K-1

Free K-1 Lessons

Grade 2-3

Free 2-3 Lessons

Grade 4-6

Free 4-6 Lessons

Free Printable Worksheets

Language Arts

Social Studies

Grade 1 – Social Studies

Grade 2 – Social Studies

Grade 3 – Social Studies

Grade 4 – Social Studies

Grade 5 – Social Studies

Grade 6 – Social Studies


Grade 1 – STEM

Grade 2 – STEM

Grade 3 – STEM

Grade 4 – STEM

Grade 5 – STEM

Grade 6 – STEM


Kindergarten – Counting on Fingers

Kindergarten – Number Printing Skills

Kindergarten – Phonics Practice

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