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Day 1

Part A: Daily Math Skills

Step 1: Complete Monday of Daily Math Week 2.

Step 2: Practice your addition skills

Step 3: Practice your subtraction skills


Part B: Daily Language Skills

Step 1: Complete Monday of Daily Language Week 2.


Part C: Story Time

Today, we’re going to…

   •  read aloud or watch a video about When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore

   •  answer the questions about the story

   •  watch a video to learn how to draw a picture of a dragon

Step 1: Before Reading Discussion Starters

Consider asking the following…

   •  What do you think the story is about?

   •  In this story, a dragon moves into a boy’s sandcastle. What do you think the dragon is going to do?

   •  Do you think the dragon is going to be naughty or polite?

Step 2: Read When a Dragon Moves In by Jodi Moore

If you have the book When a Dragon Moves In, read it aloud to your child.

Those of you who do not have the book can watch the following video:

Step 3: Post Reading Discussion Starters

Once you have finished reading the story / watching the video, print the document located at the link below and work through the questions with your child.


Step 5: Draw a Dragon

Next, ready for some drawing fun? Find some paper and something to draw with. Learn to draw a dragon by following the steps in this video located at the link below.

Consider hanging the completed page on the fridge or another special spot afterwards as a way to recognize your child for their fantastic effort and imagination!


Part D: Get Moving – Animal Yoga

Time to stretch and get moving!

You’ve done such a great job today – next it’s time to do some animal yoga.

Click on the link below to watch the video.

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