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Day 3

Part A: Daily Math Skills

Step 1: Complete Wednesday of Daily Math Week 4.

Step 2: Practice your addition skills HERE

Step 3: Practice your subtraction skills HERE


Part B: Daily Language Skills

Step 1: Complete Wednesday of Daily Language Week 4.


Part C: Story Time

Today, we’re going to…

   •  read aloud or watch a video about, Elmer by David McKee

   •  make a connection to the story by writing

   •  look at the book again and answer some math questions

   •  colour your own patchwork on Elmer

   •  think about Elmer’s character traits

   •  dance to the elephant dance song

Step 1: Before Reading Discussion Starters

Consider asking the following…

   •  Look at the cover page. What do you think the story will be about?

   •  What do you think you know about elephants? 

   •  What is unique about the elephant on the cover of the book?

Step 2: Read Elmer by David McKee

If you have the book Elmer read it aloud to your child.

For those of you who do not have the book, watch the following video.

Step 3: Post Reading Discussion Starters

   •  What was unique about Elmer besides just the way he looked?

   •  Why do you think Elmer was so unhappy?

   •  How did Elmer make himself look like all the other elephants?

   •  Why did Elmer leave the group when all the elephants why sleeping?

   •  Once a year, all the elephants will colour themselves in honour of Elmer

   •  How will Elmer disguise himself on that day?

   •  Look at the decorated elephants on Elmer Day. Which is your favourite?

   •  What do you think is the story’s message?

Step 4: Make a Connection

Make a connection to the story. Work with your child to choose the type of connection they would like to make: text-to-self, text-to-text or text-to-world. Next, have your child explain their thinking and drawing a picture.

Just click the link and print off the worksheet below.


Step 5: Math Ideas

   •  Next, look at the book again. See if you can answer the following questions:

   •  Can you count the berries on the bush? 

   •  Can you count the coloured patches on Elmer

   •  Can you count how many elephants are in the herd?

   •  Can you count how many other animals are in the jungle?

   •  Look at the shapes and patterns on the decorated elephants. What kind of patterns do you see?

Step 6: Elmer Colouring Page

Wow! You’re making great progress – you should be very proud of yourself. 🙂

Next, colour in your own patchwork colours on Elmer. Then you may wish to print off more copies of the page and decorate the elephant in different ways. Try cutting out the elephants and make your own display of an elephant parade.

Print off the how to draw page located at the link below.


Consider hanging the completed art on the fridge or another special spot afterwards as a way to recognize your child for their fantastic effort and imagination!

Step 6: Elmer’s Character Traits

Print off the document below and discuss with your child Elmer’s character traits. Fill out the worksheet.



Part D: Elephant Dance Song

Time for some dancing! Click on the link below and have fun singing and dancing to the Elephant Dance Song.

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