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Day 4


Part A: Daily Math Skills

Step 1: Complete Thursday of Daily Math Week 4.

Step 2: Practice your multiplication skills HERE

Step 3: Practice your division skills HERE


Part B: Daily Language Skills

Step 1: Complete Thursday of Daily Language Week 4.


Part C: Science Time

Today we’re going to…

   •  complete a colour chromatography experiment

   •  answering some questions about the experiment

Step 1: Watch the Experiment Video

This experiment may surprise you! You will separate ink to find out what colours it contains.

The instruction video can be found at the link below.

Print off the instruction document at the link below.


Step 2: Thinking About the Experiment

Now it’s time to think about the experiment.

Print off the document at the link below and answer some questions about the experiment.


You may print off the answers, or check them at the link below.



Part D: Get Creative – Straw Painting

Time to get creative! Try blow painting using straws. Check out the technique by clicking on the link.

What you need: paper, spoon, watered-down paint, and a drinking straw

Step 1: Place the paint on the paper using a spoon to drip the watered-down paint onto the paper.

Step 2: When the paint is initially on the paper before it has a chance to dry, blow using the straw. You can direct the paint if you move the straw to different angles. Add as many colours as you like.

Step 3: Leave the paint to completely dry before moving the artwork around as the colours will run down. Have fun!


Part E: Make a Treasure Hunt!

Time to make a treasure hunt! Create a treasure hunt to follow in your home. What is the treasure going to be? Write out the instructions, to make a treasure hunt for your family to follow!

Make sure the clues are easy to follow- but not too easy! As an added challenge, make up each clue for the treasure hunt in the form of a riddle.


Part F: Get Creative – Drawing Fun

Learn to draw something awesome from the YouTube channel “Robin Art School.”

A wide variety of videos for drawings including animals, dinosaurs, people, and buildings can be found at the link below.