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Day 2


Part A: Daily Math Skills

Step 1: Complete Tuesday of Daily Math Week 4.

Step 2: Practice your multiplication skills HERE

Step 3: Practice your division skills HERE


Part B: Daily Language Skills

Step 1: Complete Tuesday of Daily Language Week 4.


Part C: Science Time

Today we’re going to…

   •  Create your own solar oven and bake some s’mores

   •  Think about and answer questions about the experiment

   •  Create your own informercial for your solar oven

Step 1: Watch the Experiment Video

In this experiment, you will build a solar oven from a pizza box and melt some s’mores. Solar ovens are easy and fun to make!

A solar oven is a great example of how the sun’s solar rays can be captured and used to cook food.

Did you know pizza boxes are great thermal insulators and will help keep the heat inside the solar oven?  You will then make some modifications to make the oven work better.

The instruction video can be found at the link below.

Print off the instruction document at the link below.


Step 2: Thinking About the Experiment

It’s always helpful to think about a completed experiment.

Print off the document at the link below and answer some questions about the experiment.


You may print off the answers, or check them at the link below.



Part D: Get Creative – Make an Infomercial

Next, create an infomercial for your solar oven. Think about the message in your informercial- how will you persuade people to buy it? Have fun! Show how your oven works and make sure to reaffirm the advantages of buying one! 

Here are some tips on how to make your own infomercial by some kids working on their own project!

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