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Day 1

Part A: Daily Math Skills

Step 1: Complete Monday of Daily Math Week 3.

Step 2: Practice your addition skills HERE

Step 3: Practice your subtraction skills HERE


Part B: Daily Language Skills

Step 1: Complete Monday of Daily Language Week 3.


Part C: Story Time

Today, we’re going to…

   •  read aloud or watch a video about Me and My Cat by Satoshi Kitamura

   •  Think about the story and complete a story recap

   •  Draw a portrait of someone special 

   •  Learn some cat jokes to share

Step 1: Before Reading Discussion Starters

Consider asking the following…

   •  Look at the cover. Why do you think there is a question mark at the end of the title?

   •  As you read through the story, think about how the illustrations help tell the story.

Step 2: Read Me and My Cat by Satoshi Kitamura

If you have the book Me and My Cat read it aloud to your child.

For those of you who do not have the book, watch the following video.

Step 3: Post Reading Discussion Starters

   •  Why does the cat seem to be acting like the little boy? 

   •  Why is the cat glad when he sees the dog? 

   •  Why is the little boy acting like the cat? 

   •  At the end of the story, the witch tells the little boy that she had the wrong address. Whose house was she supposed to go to? How do you know?

   •  What is your favourite part of the story? 

   •  Who is your favourite character?

Step 4: Reading Response – Story Recap

Once you have finished watching the video, print the document located below. Discuss with your child who the story was about and the events in the story. Complete the story recap together.


Step 5: Get Creative!

Wow! You’re making great progress – you should very proud of yourself 🙂

Draw a portrait of someone or of a pet special to you. Click on the link and download the page.


Consider displaying your child’s artwork on the fridge or another designated place as a way to congratulate your child for their effort and creativity!


Part D: Learn a New Joke

Learn and share some fun cat jokes:

Q. What is a cat’s favourite colour?

A. Purr-ple!

Q. What do you get when you cross a ball and a cat?

A. A furball.