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From Struggle to Success: How EQAO Printable Workbooks Can Help Bridge Learning Gaps

By April 27, 2023 July 11th, 2023 No Comments


“Over 50% of Grade 6 students failed to meet the provincial standards in the most recent EQAO assessments”

What is EQAO?

If you have a child in grade 3 or grade 6 in Ontario, you’re probably familiar with the EQAO assessment. But what exactly is it? Well, the EQAO (Education Quality and Accountability Office) is an independent agency that develops and administers standardized tests in reading, writing, and math for students in these grades. The tests are used to evaluate the performance of individual students, schools, and the education system as a whole.

In laymen’s terms – it’s a measure to assess a students’ proficiency in key areas such as reading, writing, and mathematics.

Why are the EQAO assessments important?

The EQAO assessments are important for several reasons. Firstly, they provide a standardized way of measuring the performance of students across the province. This helps to identify areas where students may be struggling and where additional support is needed. Secondly, the assessments provide valuable information to teachers and parents, which helps them to understand where their children are excelling and where they may need additional support.

Despite the importance of EQAO assessments, last year’s results showed that over half of grade 6 students failed to meet the provincial standards. This is a concerning trend and raises questions about why so many students are struggling to perform well on these tests.


Reasons for Low Performance in EQAO Assessments

One potential reason for low performance could be a lack of preparation. While teachers do their best to prepare their students for the assessments, some may not have had enough time or resources to adequately cover all the required material.

Another possible reason could be a lack of understanding of the assessment format. EQAO assessments are designed differently than regular classroom tests and require specific skills such as critical thinking and problem-solving. 

The COVID-19 pandemic may have also had a significant impact on the low performance of students on EQAO assessments. The pandemic forced schools to close and implement remote learning, which disrupted the normal classroom routine and may have affected student engagement and motivation. Furthermore, many students fell behind causing learning gaps in core skills like math, reading, writing, and so on.


What Can I Do To Improve My Child/Students’ Scores?

Chalkboard’s printable workbooks are perfect resources to help students work on the necessary skills to improve their EQAO assessment scores!

So, how can EQAO printable workbooks help your child prepare for this assessment? Here are some benefits:

  1. Redo and Try Again Skills: With printable workbooks, your child can redo and try again skills that they didn’t understand at first. This is an essential benefit of printable workbooks because it allows your child to learn at their own pace and reinforces their learning.
  2. Flexibility: Printable workbooks offer flexibility in learning. Your child can work on the workbooks anytime and anywhere, which is especially helpful if your child needs additional support outside of the classroom.
  3. Reinforce Classroom Learning: Printable workbooks are designed to reinforce classroom learning. They cover all the topics and skills that are tested in the EQAO assessment, so your child can practice and reinforce what they have learned in the classroom.
  4. Engaging and Interactive: Printable workbooks from Chalkboard are designed to be engaging and interactive. They include fun activities and exercises that help your child learn and retain the material.
  5. Multiple Choice Practice: Multiple-choice questions are an important part of the EQAO assessment, and it’s important for your child to practice them. EQAO printable workbooks from Chalkboard provide multiple-choice practice questions, which will help your child become familiar with the format and structure of the EQAO assessment.

Here are some strategies to help your child excel at multiple-choice questions:

  • Read the question carefully and make sure you understand what it is asking.
  • Eliminate any answer choices that you know are incorrect.
  • Pay attention to details, such as keywords and phrases that can help you determine the correct answer.
  • Check your work and make sure you have answered every question.

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