Canadian French Grade 2 – Daily Learning Bundle


1 × Canadian French Daily Math Grade 2 - eBook
1 × Canadian French Daily Science Grade 2 - eBook
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Canadian French Daily Math Grade 2: Perfect for morning work, “bell-ringers,” homework, center work, or test prep. Spiral review essential math concepts and skills with consistent and focused practice!

These daily math activities will help reinforce essential math skills with consistent practice. Each day of the week focuses on a specific math strand featuring number sense, patterning with algebra, measurement, data management, and geometry to give every child a well-balanced mathematical dosage.


Canadian French Daily Science Grade 2: Unearth the wonder of science with our French Science workbook for Grade 2, an exceptional resource designed to elevate any science curriculum. Journey through the captivating topics of animal growth and transformations, the diverse states of liquids and solids, the role of air and water in our environment, and the intriguing world of simple machines. This immersive guide goes beyond reading comprehension, offering experiments to stimulate active learning and provoke scientific inquiry. Our extension activities facilitate a deep dive into these crucial subjects, enabling students to apply their knowledge in meaningful contexts. With dedicated teacher pages included, educators can confidently guide their students on this exciting voyage of scientific discovery.


With our popular eBook format, you receive a secure PDF file. Instantly download to your computer, tablet or mobile device. Our practical, ready-to-go materials will reduce the amount of your free time spent preparing for class. Just print or project what you need, when you need it!

This versatile resource is ideal for both classroom settings and at-home learning environments. Whether you’re a teacher seeking to enhance your students’ education or a parent looking to supplement your child’s learning, this resource provides a comprehensive and engaging solution for all. With its focus on essential skills and development, it’s the perfect addition to any learning environment – whether it be a traditional classroom, homeschool, or remote learning setup.


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