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Find confidence with grade specific lessons and practice sheets.


Grow a lifelong learner by providing more advanced work to keep your child interested, engaged, and moving forward at their own pace.

At Chalkboard, we believe every child is capable of successful learning.

Our eBooks are ideal for anyone seeking to build confidence or enhance math skills.

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Why Chalkboard?

Our content is created and produced by teachers, professional educators, and an award-winning children’s book author! All our eBooks align with Canadian curriculum standards.

These aren’t just busywork. Chalkboard eBooks are effective and
engaging tools for learning.

What’s included in your Chalkboard math eBook?

Our eBooks and math workbooks include:

  • A large collection of grade appropriate math activities
  • Learning tips and strategies
  • Daily practice questions to review and reinforce concepts
  • Skills checklist, to keep track of your child’s progress by grade
  • Answer key for easy assessment
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My son was really struggling at school, then we found Chalkboard!

Eileen, Parent

Chalkboard has been a great source of relevant Canadian Curriculum for my son who is in French Immersion.

Radhika B, Parent

My son has ADHD and can struggle to focus on worksheets but he loves Chalkboard. He is accomplishing so much more now!

Ember, Parent