Topic – Your Body Needs Water

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Your Body Needs Water

Lots of things happen in your body. Your brain thinks. Your muscles make you move. Your heart pumps blood. All parts of your body need water to work well.

Your Body Loses Water

The water you drink does not stay inside your body. Water comes out of your skin when you sweat. The tears you cry are made of water.

Your body loses water when you go to the bathroom. Your body also loses water in your breath. There is water vapour in your breath. You can see the water vapour in your breath on a cold day. The water vapour looks like steam in the air.

Liquids You Drink Contain Water

You do not have to drink water to put water in your body. All liquids you drink have water in them. Drinking water, milk, and juice are healthy ways to put more water in your body. Make sure you drink something six to eight times each day.

Your Body Tells You When You Need Water

Your body has ways to tell you when you need water. You get thirsty. Your skin might feel dry and itchy. You might get chapped lips. Chapped lips feel dry and crusty.

Drink water and other liquids before you get thirsty. Then your body will not have to tell you that you need more water.

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