Topic – Wonderful Worms!

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Wonderful Worms!

The next time you see a worm, say “Thank you!” Why? Worms help soil and plants in many ways.

Worm Castings

Worm waste is called castings. What is so great about worm castings? They are great fertilizer for plants.

Worms eat soil because it contains pieces of things that were living. (There are a lot of nutrients in dead things.) The castings that worms leave behind are full of nutrients. The nutrients in castings mix easily with water. Plant roots can take in the nutrients that are mixed in that water.

Worms sometimes come out of the ground. They can bite grass and drag it underground to eat. Worms help put more living things into the soil.

Worm Tunnels

Worms make tunnels as they move through soil. The tunnels fill with air.

Worm tunnels bring more air to different parts of the soil. Plant roots need air, so worm tunnels are good for plants.

Worm tunnels can also help water drain through soil. Water can run quickly through worm tunnels. The tunnels help to bring water deep into the soil. This is especially helpful to plants growing in soil that drains slowly.

Now you know why gardeners are happy to find worms in garden soil. The worms make the soil better for growing plants.

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