Topic – Wolves and Dogs

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Wolves and Dogs


A wolf looks like a big dog, but wolves and dogs are different animals. Wolves and dogs are the same in some ways, but they are different in other ways.

What They Look Like

Adult dogs can be different sizes — small, medium-size, or large. All adult wolves are about the same size. Adult dogs and adult wolves both have 42 teeth. Wolves have larger and stronger teeth than dogs.

Most dogs have brown eyes, but a few dogs have blue eyes. All wolves have eyes that are a golden-brown colour called amber.

Things They Do

Both dogs and wolves use their voices to make sounds. Dogs usually bark when they make sounds. A bark is a short sound like woof. Wolves usually howl. A howl is a long sound like ah-ooooo.

Wolves are shy animals. They do not like to be around people. If they see people coming, they will usually run away. Dogs love to be around people. They can get lonely when there are no people around.

Both dogs and wolves have more than one baby at a time. A group of babies born at the same time is called a litter. Young dogs and wolves are called pups or puppies.

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