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Lesson 13 – Wind Makes Things Move

Read About How Wind Makes Things Move


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


A cloud is a large amount of tiny water droplets that float in the sky together.


Wind is air that is moving.

Wind Makes Things Move

Wind is air that is moving. Moving air pushes on things. That is how wind makes things move. You cannot see wind, but you can see when wind makes things move.

Wind Makes Trees Move

Wind makes tree branches move. The branches move back and forth. The leaves move in the wind. Wind can blow leaves off trees. Then the wind blows the leaves through the air.

Wind Makes Flags Move

A flag flies when wind makes it move. Moving air pushes on the flag. The flag hangs down when there is no wind.

Wind Makes Kites Fly

You need wind to fly a kite. The wind pushes the kite up into the air. The kite is on a string. You need to hold on tight to the string. The wind will blow your kite away if you let go of the string.

Wind Makes Clouds Move

A cloud moves across the sky. What makes the cloud move? Wind is pushing on the cloud. Strong wind makes clouds move quickly. Clouds move slowly when the wind is not strong.

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