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Lesson 09 – Wind and Water

Read About Wind and Water


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

Flash Flood

A flash flood is a flood that happens quickly.


A hurricane is a large rotating storm with very strong high speed winds that forms over warm water.

Pushing Force

A pushing force is when you use force to push an object away from you.


A tornado is a powerful storm in which wind that moves in circles touches the ground and forms a funnel.


Wind is air that is moving.

Wind and Water

When wind and water move quickly, they have a strong pushing force.

What can this pushing force do?


Wind is air that is moving. Wind creates a pushing force. Have you been outside on a very windy day? Strong wind can push you so hard that you almost fall over.

Hurricanes are storms with very strong winds. Hurricane winds can knock over trees and break windows. They can even blow the roof off a house.

Tornadoes are storms with wind that moves in circles. A tornado makes a shape like a funnel. It is wide at the top and narrow at the bottom.

Tornado winds have very strong force. Some tornadoes are so strong that they blow down houses. They can even flip cars and knock over heavy trucks.


When water moves quickly, it has a strong pushing force. A flash flood is a flood that happens quickly. The water moves fast over land and causes a lot of damage. A flash flood can push cars. It can even push a house off its basement foundation. The flood can also carry away soil that plants need to grow.

The pushing force of wind creates waves. Strong wind creates large waves that can be very dangerous. Large waves can wreck boats or houses on the shore. Very large waves can cause a flash flood.

To learn more about forces in nature, watch the video by NG Science on Youtube.

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