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Topic – Why Immigrants Choose Canada

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Why Immigrants Choose Canada

Refugees at a Seder in Toronto, Ontario, 1945

Canada has a cold climate that can make life difficult. Despite this, there are many reasons why people choose to move to and settle in Canada.

Safe and Secure

Some people who move to Canada have survived wars in their country and want a safer place to live. Those people, often called refugees, may have lost family members or had their homes destroyed. Other immigrants flee because they are in danger because of their political beliefs. In some countries, citizens are put in jail if they do not agree with the nation’s leaders. In Canada, people are allowed to disagree with the government and state their views.

After surviving wars and dangers, immigrants appreciate Canada’s stability. They are grateful that Canada is a peaceful country, where people help each other. Immigrants also come to Canada because the country has a good health care system. Not only is it effective and modern, but it also provides care for every Canadian.

Finnish immigrants outside their cooperative canteen in Quebec, 1926

A Better Tomorrow

Immigrants arriving in Canada, 1920

There are many immigrants who choose to live in Canada because they believe there are more opportunities here for them and for their children. For example, some countries do not respect girls’ and women’s rights the way Canada does. 

People also come to Canada because of the excellent schools for themselves and their children. They know that education is a great way to land a good job. In some countries, girls are not allowed to go to school. Parents who want their daughters to learn and grow appreciate the opportunities that Canada can offer them.

Canada has many business possibilities for immigrants and for people born in Canada. The country is rich in natural resources, such as oil, gas, timber, and minerals. Canada also has advanced technology and computer companies that need employees and can offer well-paying jobs.

A Good Place to Live

German immigrants, Quebec City, 1911

Some people who move to Canada are looking for an adventure and a new life in a new country. Canada is the second-largest country in the world, with lots of beautiful rugged scenery, opportunities to take part in exciting sports, and many other attractions.

Because Canada is so large, it offers immigrants a variety of places to live. People who want to live by the ocean can choose Canada’s east coast or west coast. Those who like to live in the mountains have lots of places from which to choose. Canada’s prairies offer wide-open spaces, while big-city living appeals to others. 

Canada encourages people to share their cultures and traditions. Immigrants appreciate our country’s multiculturalism, which allows them both to keep ties to their home country and to enjoy all that Canada can offer.

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