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Topic – White or Grey?

Read the Following Selection

Read the story White or Grey, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

White or Grey?

Kojo and Tumo were best friends. They both liked to play games and tell jokes. Kojo always had funny jokes to tell. The jokes Tumo told were not very funny, but Kojo always laughed at them anyway. The two boys lived in houses across the street from each other.

One day, an old woman decided to play a trick on the two friends. She made a coat that was grey on the left side and white on the right side. Then she walked down the street singing very loudly. Kojo and Tumo looked out their front windows to see who was singing. Kojo saw only the grey side of the woman’s coat. Tumo saw only the white side of the coat.

The next day, Tumo and Kojo were talking outside. “Did you see the woman in the white coat who was singing?” asked Kojo.

“Yes, I saw the woman,” said Tumo. “Her coat was grey, not white.”

Kojo and Tumo began to argue about what colour the woman’s coat was. Then the woman came up to them. She was carrying a big bag. “You two should stop arguing,” she said.

The woman took the coat out of the bag. She showed them that it was grey on one side and white on the other side. “Sometimes, two people who argue are both right,” she said.

Kojo and Tumo looked at each other and smiled. They stopped arguing, and they are still best friends today.

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Brain Stretch: Kojo is trying to be a good friend to Tumo by laughing at his jokes even though they are not funny. What are other ways you can be a good friend?