Topic – Where Is the Water?

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Where Is the Water?

Water is all around us.

• Lakes, rivers, and streams are full of water.

• High in the sky, clouds contain tiny water drops.

• There is water under the ground, too. If you dig in a garden, you may find the soil is damp. There is water in the soil.

Where Do We Get Water?

Some people get water from a well. Where do people who live in towns and cities get water?

Towns and cities hold water in reservoirs. A reservoir looks like a lake. Some reservoirs are created by people. A water tower is like a reservoir.

Water leaves the reservoir through large pipes. It travels through many pipes before it gets to your home.

Did you know that water is treated? This makes water safe to use. You can help keep water clean. Here is one way:

Clean up after your pet. Pet waste can get into the water. This can make water unsafe.

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