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Topic – When You See Bullying

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When You See Bullying

Many kids would like to help students who get bullied, but the problem is that they do not know how to help. Here are some ideas.

1. Tell the bully to stop.

If you silently watch someone get bullied, you might send a message to the bully that you think bullying is okay. Be brave and tell the bully to stop being mean. If you speak up to stop the bullying, you might encourage other kids who are watching to speak up too.

2. Help the person who is being bullied.

You might say to the person being bullied, “Come with me. We should go right now.” This will show everyone that you are not on the bully’s side. If you are in school or in the schoolyard, you can say, “Here comes a teacher!” Even if it is not true, it might convince the bully to stop.

3. At another time, talk to the person who was bullied.

Do something to help the person feel better. You could ask the person how they are feeling about what happened. Or, you could say, “You do not deserve to be bullied. I hate to see people treated like that.”

4. Make sure an adult knows what happened.

Sometimes people who get bullied are afraid to tell an adult what happened. They fear that if the bully gets in trouble, the situation will get even worse. If no one tells an adult, the bully might never stop. It might be up to you to make sure that a teacher, someone else who works at the school, or another adult you trust finds out what happened.

Bullying Facts

  About one third of young people say they have been bullied.

  About two thirds of young people who were bullied at school did not tell an adult at the school about it.

  Most bullying happens inside a school, rather than in the schoolyard, or on a school bus, or on the way to school.

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