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Topic – What Is the Internet?

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What Is the Internet?

The Internet is made up of computers all around the world. These computers are connected by telephone lines or cables. The Internet lets computers communicate with one another. A computer that has an Internet connection can do two things:

• Send information to other computers that are part of the Internet

• Receive information sent by other computers on the Internet

Not every computer is connected to the Internet. People have to pay money each month to have their computer connected to the Internet.

How Do People Use the Internet?

When people go online, they are connected to the Internet. Here are some different ways people use the Internet:

• To learn information from websites

• To play computer games

• To share information and photographs with others

• To send and receive email messages

• To shop for things

Cell Phones and the Internet

Some cell phones can connect to the Internet. That means people can receive and send information over the Internet by using a cell phone instead of a computer.

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