Lesson 01 – What Is a Structure?

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Read About Structures


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.

A structure is something that is made from different parts and joined together in a certain way to support a load.

A load is the mass or weight supported by something.

What Is a Structure?

structure is something that holds or supports a load. A truck can hold a heavy load of boxes.

Your bed is a structure that supports a load. When you lie on your bed, you are the load. The bed supports the weight of your body.

A Structure Has Size

Structures come in many different sizes. A skyscraper is a huge structure. A skyscraper supports the weight of all the people, furniture, and equipment inside it.

A paper cup is smaller than a skyscraper, but a paper cup is a structure, too. When you fill a paper cup with water, the water is the load. The cup has to support the weight of the water.

A Structure Has Shape

A structure can be almost any shape. A bookcase is a structure shaped like a rectangle. Buildings are structures. Think of all the different shapes that buildings can be. An airplane and a helicopter are both structures that can fly. They each have a different shape.

A Structure Has a Purpose

A structure is built to do something. A bed gives you a soft place to lie down and sleep.

A bookcase stores books. A truck carries large, heavy loads from place to place.

To learn more about structures, watch the video by TutWay on Youtube.

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