Topic – What Does Canada do in the United Nations?

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What Does Canada do in the United Nations?

Canada’s works in the UN to help:



-human rights

Canada and the United Nations

Canada joined the UN in 1945. It was one of the first countries. Since then, Canada has been on the Security Council and has helped peacekeeping.

The Security Council

The Security Council is a very powerful group in the UN. The Security Council helps keep world peace. Canada was on the Security Council 6 times. Each time a country is on the Security Council, it serves for 2 years. The last time Canada was on the Security Council was from 1999-2000. Canada tried to get on the Security Council in 2010 and 2020 but was not chosen.


Peacekeeping missions are when a country sends its military into a dangerous part of another country to help people. Countries help in peacekeeping missions to save people’s lives. A country might go on a peacekeeping mission if there is war or a natural disaster in another country. Over the years, Canada helped in many important peacekeeping missions.

Lester B. Pearson was a Canadian Prime Minister. In 1957, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for peacekeeping. The Nobel Peace Prize is a very special award that people get once each year for helping make the world a better place.

Examples of Peacekeeping

When Canada is peacekeeping, there are many things the military can do to help people in dangerous parts of the world.

Removing Landmines

Sometimes in a war, an army will use landmines. Landmines are explosives that people bury underground. Then, another person will step on the mine and it will explode. Landmines are very dangerous because after a war the landmines will still be buried underground. This means that many years later, a person can step on the landmine and die. The Canadian Armed Forces will use metal detectors to find landmines and safely get rid of them so no one can step on them. In 1999, Canada helped make a law that says no one can use landmines. Unfortunately, there are still some forces that use landmines.

Helping Refugees

A refugee is someone who has to leave their home because of danger. A person might become a refugee because where they live is destroyed by war or a natural disaster. A person might also become a refugee because where they live is not safe anymore. The Canadian Armed Forces will help keep refugees safe and try to find a new place for them to live. Sometimes, refugees will move to a new part of their country. Other times, they have to leave their country and go to a new one.

Giving Aid

When war or natural disaster happens, people might not have food, water, shelter, or medicine. When a country gives these things to people, it is called aid. The Canadian Armed Forces will give people the aid they need to live.


Sometimes, war and natural disasters can destroy buildings and roads. The Canadian Armed Forces will help rebuild schools, hospitals, bridges, power stations, and other important things. This way, children can still go to school, people will have electricity, and sick people can see a doctor.

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