Topic – What Does a Zookeeper Do?

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What Does a Zookeeper Do?

A zookeeper works in a zoo. Zookeepers do many important jobs.

Looking After Animals

A zookeeper’s most important job is to look after the animals. Every day, the zookeeper makes sure the animals have food and water. The zookeeper also cleans the spaces where the animals live.

Caring for Sick Animals

A zookeeper watches the animals to see if any are sick or have hurt themselves. The zookeeper works with a veterinarian (an animal doctor) to look after sick or injured animals.

Helping Baby Animals

Sometimes an animal has a baby and does not want to look after it. The zookeeper might feed the baby from a bottle. The zookeeper will also play with the baby and give it lots of love.

Working with Visitors

Lots of visitors come to see the animals in a zoo. The zookeeper makes sure that visitors do not feed the animals. Some animals might get sick if people feed them the wrong kind of food.

Sometimes visitors might run toward animals or shout at them. This can make the animals upset. A zookeeper makes sure that visitors do not upset the animals.

Visitors often have lots of questions about the animals. Zookeepers learn all about the animals they look after. They can answer most of the questions people have.

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