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Topic – What Does a School Librarian Do?

Read the Following Selection

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What Does a School Librarian Do?

Mr. Tanaka is a school librarian. School librarians do many different jobs. Read about some of the jobs a school librarian does.

Helping Students Find Books

A school librarian helps students find books. Paula asked Mr. Tanaka to help her find a picture book. “I like stories about animals,” Paula said. Mr. Tanaka showed Paula where to find picture books. He showed her some books with stories about animals.

Making Sure Books Are in the Right Place

A school librarian makes sure all the books are where they belong. Books about different topics each have a special place in the library.

Mr. Tanaka saw a book about rocks was on the wrong shelf. He put the book on a shelf with other books about rocks.

Teaching Students About Books

A school librarian teaches students about books. Today, Mr. Tanaka is teaching students about the front cover of a book. “You can find the name of the author on the front cover,” Mr. Tanaka tells the students.

Choosing New Books

A school librarian chooses new books for the library. “Many students want books about dinosaurs,” said Mr. Tanaka. “We have only four books about dinosaurs in the library.” Mr. Tanaka is going to get some new books about dinosaurs for the school library.

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