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Topic – What Does a School Custodian Do?

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What Does a School Custodian Do?

Every school needs a custodian. The custodian makes sure that the school is clean, safe, and nice for everyone. Mr. Jones is a school custodian. Read about some of the jobs he does at his school.

All Around the School

Mr. Jones cleans all the floors. He mops and shines the hard floors. He vacuums floors that have carpet. Mr. Jones also keeps the windows clean. He wipes away finger marks on doors and walls.

In winter, Mr. Jones makes sure the school is nice and warm. All year long, he checks for light bulbs that have burned out. He takes out the old light bulbs and puts in new ones. The students need light to see well.

In Classrooms

Mr. Jones empties the wastebasket. He also empties the pencil sharpener. Once each week, he washes the chalkboards and marker boards. Then he wipes away any dust he finds in the classroom.

In Hallways

Mr. Jones cleans the drinking fountain and makes sure it works. He wipes up any water on the floor. Someone might slip on a wet floor.

In Washrooms

Mr. Jones cleans sinks, mirrors, and toilets. He checks the toilet paper and paper towels. Then he makes sure that all the toilets flush.

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