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Topic – What Does a Pharmacist Do?

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What Does a Pharmacist Do?

Pharmacists work with medicines. If you are sick, the doctor might want you to take a special kind of medicine called a prescription medicine. People can buy prescription medicines only if their doctor has given permission. Prescription medicines are sold at a drug store.

Pharmacists work in drug stores. They are experts in different types of medicines. They have learned how each type of medicine helps people get better.

Pharmacists make sure you get the right amount of the prescription medicine your doctor wants you to take. They put a label on the medicine to tell you how much to take and how often to take it.

Sometimes, a pharmacist has to make medicines. For example, a pharmacist might make a cream to spread on a rash. The doctor will tell the pharmacist what to put in the cream.

Drug stores also sell medicines that are not prescription medicines. People do not need a doctor’s permission to buy these types of medicines. A pharmacist can help people choose the best medicine to help them feel better.

Pharmacists also help people stay safe when they are taking medicine. For example, a pharmacist might say, “This medicine might make you sleepy. Do not drive a car after taking this medicine.”

Not all pharmacists work in drug stores. Some work in hospitals, and some work in nursing homes.

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