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Topic – What Does a Crossing Guard Do?

Read the Following Selection

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What Does a Crossing Guard Do?

Mrs. Hill works as a school crossing guard. Read the questions and answers to find out about her work.

Helping People

Mrs. Hill helps children cross the street safely. She works on a street near the school. Children cross this street when they come to school. They cross the street again when they go home from school.

Mrs. Hill walks into the street. She holds up a sign that says STOP. She blows a whistle. All the cars must stop. Mrs. Hill tells the children when it is safe to cross the street.

Staying Safe

Mrs. Hill wears a vest with bright colours. The bright colours make the vest easy to see. Car drivers need to see Mrs. Hill when she is in the street. The vest helps keep Mrs. Hill safe.

Time to Work

Mrs. Hill works in the morning before school starts. She also works at lunchtime. Then she works again when school is over for the day.

Mrs. Hill does not work on Saturdays and Sundays. She does not work at all in July and August.

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