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Topic – What Does a Carpenter Do?

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What Does a Carpenter Do?

A carpenter uses tools to join together pieces of wood to build structures.

Getting Started

Before carpenters can start building, they need to have a plan to follow. The plan is a diagram of the structure they are going to build. The diagram gives all the measurements of the structure. Carpenters use the plan to figure out how much wood they will need, what size and shape each piece of wood needs to be, and what tools will be needed.

Building with Tools

Carpenters use power tools and hand tools. Power tools get their power from electricity. Examples of power tools are electric saws, drills, and sanders. Hand tools do not use electricity. Carpenters use their muscles for power when they use hand tools such as hammers and hand saws.

Types of Carpenters

Carpenters are divided into different categories, depending on the type of work they do. Construction carpenters work on building large structures, such as new homes, office buildings, and stores. Residential carpenters work on homes that have already been built. They might put new wood floors in a house, repair the roof, or add a deck to the back of the house. Furniture makers build different types of wooden furniture. For example, if you want new kitchen cupboards, a bookshelf, or a table, a furniture maker can make what you need in the exact size and shape that you want.


Here are some examples of skills that carpenters need:

  Math skills: Carpenters use math skills when they add, subtract, multiply, or divide different measurements.

  Safety skills: Carpenters need to know how to use tools safely.

  Drawing skills: When furniture makers design a new piece of furniture, they make a drawing to show the customer what it will look like.

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