Topic – What Do Plants Need?

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What Do Plants Need?

Here are things that plants need to stay alive.

Air: Plants need air just like you need air. You take in air through your nose and mouth. The leaves and roots of a plant can take in air.

Water: All types of plants need water.
Plants that grow outdoors get water from rain. Indoor plants need to be watered. Outdoor gardens need to be watered when there is not enough rain.

Light: Plants use sunlight for energy.
Some plants need more sunlight than others. Some plants can grow in shady places. Other plants need a lot of bright sunlight.

Warmth: All plants need warmth. Plants in a garden do not grow in winter because it is too cold. Some plants grow well in very hot places, such as deserts. Other plants grow well in places that are warm, but not too hot.

Space: A plant needs enough space to grow. A plant’s roots need space to spread out in the soil. If too many plants are growing close together, they may not get enough sunlight, water, or nutrients.

On many farms, fields are planted in rows. The space between each row gives each plant enough space for its roots to spread out. The plants are not too close together, so each plant can get enough light.

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