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Lesson 01 – We Need Air!

Read About Air


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


Air is a clear odourless gas that living things need to stay alive.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is a colourless gas that has an odour.


Gas is an air-like fluid that doesn’t have a shape and fills the entire container it’s in.


Leaves make food for the plant.

Living Things

Living things can grow, use nutrients, and produce young.


Oxygen is an invisible gas found in the air that is necessary for life.


Roots grow in soil and soak up nutrients and water for the plant.

We Need Air!

All living things need air to stay alive. Air is made of gases. The gas we breathe in is oxygen. When we breathe out, we release a gas called carbon dioxide into the air. Most animals do this.

Did you know that the roots and leaves of a plant can take in air? Plants do the opposite of what you do! They take in carbon dioxide. This gas is in the air. Plants release oxygen back into the air.

Now Show What You Know!

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