Topic – Up and Down in Elevators

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Read about elevators, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Up and Down in Elevators

Elevators move people up and down in a building. An elevator is faster than using stairs. It makes work and life easier.

There were no elevators long ago. People did not build very tall buildings. It would take too long to climb stairs up a tall building. People would get tired.

Elevators were invented more than 150 years ago. Then people started to build very tall buildings. They put elevators in the buildings.

Outside an Elevator

There are two buttons outside an elevator door. They are called call buttons.

Press the top button if you want to go up. Press the bottom button if you want to go down. Soon the elevator doors will open.

Let people come out of the elevator before you go in.

Inside an Elevator

There is a control panel inside the elevator. The control panel has buttons with numbers.

Press the number of the floor you want to go to. The door will close. Then the elevator will start to move.

The control panel also has elevator door buttons. Press the open button to keep the door open. Press the close button to make the door close right away.

The elevator moves, then stops. The door opens. Is it time for you to get off the elevator? Look at the floor display to find out.

The floor display tells what floor the elevator is on. The number changes as the elevator moves up or down.

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