Topic – Unusual Bird Homes

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Read about unusual bird homes, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.


Unusual Bird Homes

Baya weaver

Bee eater

Many birds build nests shaped a like a bowl, and the nests sit on tree branches. Read about two birds that build different kinds of homes.

Baya Weavers

The baya weaver builds a nest with walls and a roof. The nest is made of grass. The nest does not sit on a branch. Instead, it hangs from a branch.

A baya weaver builds its nest at the end of a thin branch. Animals that want to eat eggs in the nest are too heavy to walk along such a thin branch to get the eggs. The baya weaver puts a layer of mud inside the nest. The mud keeps the inside of the nest a comfortable temperature whether it gets hot or cold outside.

Bee Eaters

The bee eater does not build a home from twigs or grass. It digs a tunnel home in a wall of sandy soil at the side of a river. The bee eater chooses a place where the sandy soil is not too hard or too soft.

A bee eater uses its beak to start digging a small hole in the soil. Soon, the hole is deep enough for the bird to go inside. Then the bird digs with its feet to make the hole into a long tunnel. At the end of the tunnel is a space where bee eaters lay eggs. The tunnel is too narrow for other animals to crawl along to eat the eggs. Inside the tunnel, the air stays a comfortable temperature when the weather outside gets warmer or cooler.

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Brain Stretch: Use Internet resources to explore where and how woodpeckers make their homes. Compare and contrast woodpecker and bee eater homes.