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Lesson 06 – Two Ways to Save Energy

Read About Two Ways to Save Energy


Read the vocabulary terms to understand the reading better.


Being efficient means doing something or producing something without waste.


Electricity is a form of energy that occurs naturally or is produced.


Energy is the ability to do work or to make something move or change in some way.


A machine is a device that does a specific physical task.


Pollution is when gases, smoke and chemicals get into the environment and makes it harmful to living things.

Two Ways to Save Energy

Machines make our lives easier, but machines need energy. A motorcycle needs to burn gas, a dishwasher needs electricity, and a bicycle needs muscle power. These are all types of energy.

Saving energy is important because that saves money and makes less pollution. But we need machines. Machines help us travel far and quickly. Machines help build roads and clean our clothes. A machine can do the work of many strong people.

There are many ways to save energy. You could use more efficient machines, or you could use muscle energy instead. Muscles do not pollute.

Some people do both. Think of family with six people. They have a lot of laundry to do. They could use an efficient clothes dryer to save energy. And they can use a clothesline when it is sunny.

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