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Topic – Two Friends

Read and Learn about Two Friends

Read the following selection, or click on the play button below to listen aloud.

Two Friends


Hi! My name is Shawna. I live in a house with my mom, my dad, and my little sister. My best friend is Kurt, and we are both in Grade 2. I play on a baseball team, and I am good at catching and throwing the ball. Every day after school, I take our dog Max for a walk. My dad and I love to go swimming at our community pool. He says I am a very good swimmer. I also love watching movies. I like all kinds of movies, even scary movies with monsters! I also like playing computer games. Kurt doesn’t like computer games because he thinks they are boring.


Hi! I’m Kurt. I live in an apartment building with my dad, my brother, and our cat, Coco. I go to Maple Street Public School, and my best friend Shawna is in my class. Shawna and I have been friends since we were in kindergarten. My favourite sport is soccer, and I play on a soccer team. My brother likes soccer too, so we go to the park to work on our soccer skills. Next summer, I am going to take swimming lessons. I want to learn how to swim so I can go swimming with Shawna. Sometimes, Shawna and I watch movies together. We both love movies, but I won’t watch scary moves. They make me too scared!

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