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Topic – Tic-Tock!

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There are two main kinds of clocks—analogue (say it like this: a-nuh-log) and digital. Both kinds of clocks use numbers to tell the time. An analogue clock has numbers placed in a circle. The hands point to different numbers as they move around the circle. We tell the time by looking at which numbers the hands are pointing to.

A digital clock does not have numbers placed in a circle, and it does not have hands that point to numbers. A digital clock shows only the numbers that tell what time it is right now.

Some clocks are alarm clocks. They make a sound to wake people up. People set the alarm to tell the clock what time they want to wake up. When that time comes, the alarm automatically goes off. Both analogue clocks and digital clocks can be alarm clocks.

Some alarm clocks make a very loud sound. Some people do not like to be startled by a very loud sound when they are sleeping. These people can buy clocks with an alarm that starts buzzing or beeping softly when it goes off. The alarm sound slowly gets louder in case the soft sound does not wake people up.

Many machines that we use every day have a clock. For example, you can find a clock on a cellphone, a computer, a microwave, or a stove. If you have cable TV in your home, the cable box probably has a clock. You will also find a clock inside a car. There are clocks all around us so it is easy to see what time it is.

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