Topic – Three Types of Ice

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Three Types of Ice

What different types of ice do we see in nature?


Did you know that snowflakes are tiny pieces of ice? Water vapour in very cold air freezes into snowflakes. Snowflakes have different shapes. Many snowflakes are shaped like a star.


Frost is ice you see on the outside of windows. Sometimes you can see frost on plant leaves. Where does the frost come from?

Frost starts as water vapour in the air. The water vapour freezes on a window or leaf that is very cold. People scrape frost off car windows in winter. Frost makes it hard to see out a window.


Hail is balls of ice that fall from the sky. Each ball of ice is called a hailstone. Most of the time, hailstones are the size of a pea or smaller. Sometimes hailstones are much bigger.

A hailstone starts as a tiny drop of water in the air. The drop of water freezes into a tiny piece of ice. Moving air pushes the tiny piece of ice into drops of water in the air. The water drops freeze on the piece of ice and make it bigger. Soon a hailstone becomes heavy and falls to the ground.

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