Topic – The Water Cycle

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The Water Cycle

The water on Earth keeps recycling. We call this the water cycle.
The water cycle makes sure that we always have water.

Read about the parts of the water cycle.

1.    The Sun heats the water on Earth. Some of the heated water turns into vapour. This is called evaporation. The vapor rises into the air.

2.    The air is cool high in the sky. The cool air makes the vapour change back to tiny drops of water. This is called condensation. The water drops group together. They form a cloud.

3.    The water drops in the cloud become larger as more water condenses. When the cloud gets heavy, the water drops in the cloud fall back to Earth. The water falls as rain, hail, sleet, or snow. These are all forms of precipitation.

4.    The cycle begins again.

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