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Topic – The Sun

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The Sun

What Is the Sun?

The Sun is a star, just like the stars we see in the night sky. The Sun looks much bigger and brighter than other stars because it is much closer to Earth.

Where Is the Sun?

The Sun is at the centre of our solar system. All the planets travel around the Sun. The distance from Earth to the Sun is about 150 million km.

Why Does the Sun Shine?

Stars are balls of burning gases. As the gases burn, they give off light. We see the Sun and other stars because the light travels through space to Earth.

How Big Is the Sun?

The sun is huge compared to Earth. If the Sun were hollow, over a million planet Earths would fit inside it. But the Sun is not very big compared to some stars. The Sun is a medium-sized star. Some stars are much bigger than the Sun, and some are much smaller.

Why Do We Need the Sun?

Without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth. Our planet would be too cold for people, plants, and animals to survive. Plants also need the Sun’s light to stay alive. People and animals need plants for food.

The Sun and You

• Do not look right at the Sun. It is so bright that it can harm your eyes.

• Wear sunscreen on sunny days so the Sun does not burn your skin.

• Spend time outside on sunny days. Sunshine helps your body make vitamin D to keep you healthy.

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