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Topic – The Rooster and the Sun

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The Rooster and the Sun

Based On a Tale From India

One day, the Sun made the world very hot. It was so hot that people got angry. “Go away, Sun,” they shouted. “It is too hot today!”

The Sun got angry when people told him to go away. “I will not shine anymore,” said the Sun. He went back to bed and stayed there. He did not rise in the morning. Every day was cold and dark.

Rooster flew to the Sun. Rooster said, “Please get out of bed. Make the world warm and bright again.”

The Sun was stubborn. He would not change his mind. “I will not get out of bed,” he said. “Tell everyone the world will stay cold and dark.”

“I will do as you say,” said Rooster. “Now I must ask you for a favour. If you stay in bed, I have to fly home in the dark. I am afraid a tiger is waiting to catch me.
If I crow, will you come and rescue me?”

The Sun said, “You flew a long way to talk to me. Yes, I will rescue you if I hear you crow.”

Rooster flew away. Before he got home, he crowed as loudly as he could.

“Cock-a-doodle-doo!” Then he quickly hid under a bush.

The Sun got out of bed and rose in the sky. He moved across the sky looking for Rooster. The Sun could not find Rooster anywhere.

Every morning, Rooster crows at dawn. The Sun gets out of bed and moves across the sky. The Sun looks for Rooster but never finds him.

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