Topic – The Lion and the Mouse

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The Lion and the Mouse

Based On a Fable By Aesop

On a hot day, Lion lay down in the shade of a big tree. “This is a good place to nap when it is hot,” said Lion. He curled up and fell asleep.

Mouse came along and climbed on top of Lion. She ran up and down Lion’s back. “This is fun!” said Mouse.

Lion woke up. “Who is tickling my back when I am trying to sleep?” he roared. He put his huge paw on Mouse. “I am going to eat you so you will not wake me up again,” said Lion. He opened his mouth wide.

Mouse looked at Lion’s big, sharp teeth. “Please do not eat me!” said Mouse. “If you let me go, someday I might be able to help you.”

Lion laughed and laughed. “How could a tiny mouse ever help a big lion?” he said. “I will let you go because you made me laugh.” He lifted his huge paw and let Mouse go.

The very next day, some hunters caught Lion. They wanted to put Lion in a zoo. The hunters used thick rope to tie Lion to a tree. Then they went to get a wagon to carry Lion to the zoo.

Mouse came along and saw Lion tied to a tree. “What am I going to do?” said Lion. “Some hunters are going to put me in a zoo.” Mouse chewed through the thick rope and set Lion free.

“I was wrong,” Lion said to Mouse. “You might be tiny, but you have been a big help to me.” After that, Lion and Mouse were best friends.

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