Topic – The Leaf Project

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The Leaf Project

Mark told his mom he had to do a science project about leaves. “Why don’t you make a leaf scrapbook?” Mom suggested. “Each page could have a different kind of leaf and a label to tell what kind of leaf it is.”

“No, I don’t want to do that,” said Mark. “That’s what lots of kids are doing.”

“Well, you could put your leaves in alphabetical order and put the title A Leaf Dictionary on the cover,” said Mom.

“That’s too much like a scrapbook,” said Mark. “I’m going to get a big piece of paper and draw a tree with six branches. Then I’ll stick a different kind of leaf on each branch and write a label on each branch.”

“Great idea!” replied Mom. “I’ll wax the leaves for you. Then they won’t dry out and turn brown.”

“How will you wax the leaves?” asked Mark.

“I’ll put each leaf between two pieces of wax paper and press on each side with a warm iron,” Mom explained. “The heat will melt the wax on the paper, and the wax will go onto the leaf. The wax will keep the leaf green. Otherwise, it will turn brown.”

Mark got an oak leaf and a maple leaf from the trees in his backyard. His mom called the neighbours to find out what kinds of trees they had in their yards. Mark got a poplar leaf and a dogwood leaf from Mrs. Bosco. From Mr. Patel, he got a willow leaf. Mrs. James gave him a beech leaf. Mom waxed all the leaves, and then Mark drew a big tree, wrote the label for each leaf, and stuck each waxed leaf on the branch with its label.

When Marks’ teacher saw the finished project, she said. “What an interesting way to present the leaves, Mark. Good work!”

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