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Topic – The Grasshopper and the Ant

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The Grasshopper and the Ant

Based On a Fable By Aesop

It was a summer day. Grasshopper was singing. He loved to sing all day long. Ant walked by. She was carrying a big piece of corn.

“That corn is heavy,” said Grasshopper. “You look tired. Stop and take a rest. You can sing with me. Singing is fun.”

“I have no time to rest,” said Ant. “I must gather food now.
I do not want to be hungry when winter comes. I cannot find food in winter.”

“It is summer,” said Grasshopper. “Winter is a long time away. You should have fun on a fine summer day.”

“I must take this corn to my home,” said Ant. “Then I will look for more food. You should look for food, too. What will you eat in winter?”

“I will think about winter later,” said Grasshopper. “Today I am having fun singing.”

Every day, Grasshopper sang. Every day, Ant carried more food to her home. The days got colder and winter came. Grasshopper got very hungry. He could not find any food. He went to visit Ant.

“Ant, I am hungry,” said Grasshopper. “Can you give me some food?”

“No, I cannot,” said Ant. “I need my food to last all winter. I worked hard all summer to gather food for winter. You had fun all summer. You did not think of the future, so now you are hungry.”

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