Topic – The Force of Magnets

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The Force of Magnets

A magnetic force is the push or pull action of a magnet. This force can move objects without touching them.

What Do Magnets Push?

Magnets can repel, or push away, other magnets. Magnets have two ends. One end of the magnet is called the north pole. The other end of the magnet is called the south pole.

The north pole of one magnet will push away the north pole of another magnet. The south pole of one magnet will push away the south pole of another magnet. So two north poles of two magnets repel each other. Two south poles also repel each other.

What Do Magnets Pull?

Magnets can also attract, or  pull, on each other. Opposite poles on magnets attract each other. The north pole of one magnet will attract the south pole of another magnet.

There are many types of metals. Some metals are magnetic and some are not. Iron and nickel are two types of metals that are magnetic. A magnet has a pulling force on iron and nickel. Magnets are attracted to those metals.

Why Do Magnets Stick to Some Metals?

A magnet keeps pulling on a metal object. The magnet pulls even when it is touching the object. That is why a magnet does not fall off a refrigerator door. The pulling force of the magnet keeps the magnet stuck to the door.

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