Topic – The Ant and the Dove

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The Ant and the Dove

Based On a Fable by Aesop

One very hot summer day, an ant went to the edge of a river to get a drink. When he put his head down to drink, he fell into the water. The water was moving quickly. It pulled the ant away from the land.

“I cannot swim!” cried the ant. “Now I will drown. Help!”

Beside the stream was a tree. In the tree sat a beautiful white bird called a dove. The dove heard the ant call for help.

“I must help that poor ant,” said the dove. “But what can I do? If I fly down and pull him out of the water with my beak, I might crush him.”

The dove had an idea. She used her beak to pluck a leaf from the tree. Then she dropped the leaf so it landed in the water right beside the ant. The ant climbed onto the leaf. Soon the leaf floated to the edge of the river and the ant climbed back onto land.

A few minutes later, a bird catcher came to the river to get a drink of water. He saw the dove in the tree. “I must catch that beautiful bird,” said the bird catcher. He got his net ready.

The ant heard what the bird catcher said. “That man wants to catch the dove who helped me,” said the ant. So the ant ran over to the bird catcher and bit him on the foot. The bird catcher cried out in pain.

The dove heard the noise. She looked down and saw the bird catcher with his net. She quickly flew away to a safe place.

Moral: Always help people who have helped you.

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